[ClientMod] WiTT [witt]

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[ClientMod] WiTT [witt]

by MightyAlex200 » Tue Aug 01, 2017 21:56

What is This Thing (WiTT) is a Minetest mod that functions similarly to the WAILA mod for Minecraft.

This is the clientmod version of the WIP server-side mod seen here

When the HUD API comes to CSMs, I'll merge the server-side version with the client-side version so you can run it without it being installed on the server.

But for now, you can type the command ".witt" to show information about the block you're looking at

It's not as accurate with node names as the server-side version, but AFAIK clientmods do not have access to minetest.registered_nodes. Hopefully I can fix this though.


Direct download to CSM version
GitHub page (be aware that master is the server-side version!)

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Re: [ClientMod] WiTT [witt]

by DS-minetest » Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:38

MightyAlex200 wrote:AFAIK clientmods do not have access to minetest.registered_nodes.

Do not call me -minetest. Call me DS or DS-minetest.

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Re: [ClientMod] WiTT [witt]

by ManElevation » Thu Aug 03, 2017 23:36

Can you make or give you itemstring too?
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