[Mod] team skin [0.1] [team_skin]

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[Mod] team skin [0.1] [team_skin]

by juli » Thu Aug 31, 2017 18:42

This mod is very simple: it adds one command to set the skin of an player, but the player needs the teamskin priv to do it

It works as the following: /setskin <playername> <skinname>

For skinname u should not at the suffix (".png") because the mod does this automaticly,
if u do it yourself the skin can't be loaded.
Also there is a prefix for all "team"-skins: "team_"
so the name of an skin for this mod should be: team_TEAMNAME.png

If u don't like this behavior simply change line 28 to this:
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--default:         textures = {"team_"..team..".png"},
         textures = {team},

License is MIT see license.txt

At the moment there are 4 teams + one team for the admins
The teams are green-blue-yellow-red the admin has the jordach skin

Examples to set a skin:
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/setskin singleplayer 1
/setskin anotherplayer 2
/setskin thirdplayer 3
/setskin lastplayer 4
/setskin admin admin

i made this mod for the admin of the attack-server called SWAMPTURTLE

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