[mod] OxygenCapsule [oxygencapsule]

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[mod] OxygenCapsule [oxygencapsule]

by farooqkz » Sat Sep 16, 2017 06:37

Any information can be found in Github repository of the mod and I just repeat many things which I have written there.
This is fine when you dive underwater but your lungs don't have enough space. each full oxygen capsule can increase your breath up to 10.
This mod includes an Oxygen compressor which produces capsules full of oxygen and also oxygen capsules.

Depends on: default(can be found in minetest_game) and also homedecor(can be found in homedecor modpack)

Code is under ISC Licence and texture under CC0.

This mod is not ready to use as it doesn't appropriate textures(and that's why I didn't include any screenshot)

Any other information(crafting, usage, etc) can be found in Github repo of this mod or in README.md(I don't like to repeat everything)

Download 0.5

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Re: [mod] OxygenCapsule [oxygencapsule]

by FaceDeer » Mon Sep 18, 2017 17:51

Sounds like a similar idea to my airtanks mod. My compressor doesn't use fuel, though. That'd be a nice addition. :)

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