[Mod] Warp Potions [warp_potions]

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[Mod] Warp Potions [warp_potions]

by Shara » Sat Oct 14, 2017 13:22

This mod adds eight warp potions which can be placed as decorative items. Smashing a warp potion after it has been placed sets a warp point for that player. There are eight warp points, one for each potion, which can be independently set and are unique to each player. Using a warp potion in the potion inventory will return the player to the warp point for that potion.


The potion inventory auto-sorts potions into the correct slots and cannot contain anything other than a maximum of 99 potions of each type. It currently supports use with:

  • sfinv
  • unified_inventory
  • inventory_plus

Inventory Screenshots:
+ Spoiler

Why are these potions fair?

The ability to instantly travel from one location to another is a massive benefit which should not come without a cost on a serious survival server. This mod has been designed to meet the following goals to encourage fairness and game balance:

  • Limits PVP abuse: You cannot set a warp point to another player's protected area.
  • Does not remove the need to travel: You must reach a location the first time without using warp potions before you can teleport there.
  • No short-cuts for new players: Your warp points are unique to you, so another player cannot use your warp points to instantly access deep mines or other desirable areas without doing their own work.
  • Per use cost: Potions are consumed both to set and to move to warp points.
  • Progression earned over time: Some potions are much more expensive than others, so the full number of warp points can be unlocked one by one as the player progresses.
  • Strategy gives rewards: The differing costs of warp potions means players should think about which potions to use for which warp points in order to minimise costs.

Download: https://github.com/Ezhh/warp_potions/archive/master.zip

Source: https://github.com/Ezhh/warp_potions

License: Code is MIT. Textures are CC BY-SA 4.0, unless mentioned otherwise in the license.

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Re: [Mod] Warp Potions [warp_potions]

by Chem871 » Sat Oct 14, 2017 19:09

This looks VERY useful, it means travelnets aren't everywhere :P
What is SCP-055 again? I forgot.

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Re: [Mod] Warp Potions [warp_potions]

by Shara » Sun Oct 15, 2017 10:40

Thanks all.

Chem871 - Yes, I wanted something kind of like travelnets, in that you have to go somewhere to place them first, but that also had the per use cost and that others couldn't use for quick shortcuts.

Please let me know if you find any problems with it. :)

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