[mod] Sound Testing [snd]

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[mod] Sound Testing [snd]

by jas » Mon Dec 18, 2017 08:03

How to use: Type /snd test1, /snd test2, /snd test3, /snd test4. Type /snd stop to stop. You can add "help" to the test to get a description, as in: /snd test4 help. Give yourself a `snd:node' and place it, and activate it (default RMB) to show a menu with various tests. Give yourself a `snd:craftitem' and use it (default LMB) to play a test sound; change the test by activating (default RMB) the craftitem. From Lua, call snd.add_sound(sound_table, [channel]) to play a sound.

Purpose: This mod is all because of #4203. I will update it and this post, as I go. Licenses match MT/G. Its goal is to explore all sound capabilities of the minetest engine. I'd now like to optionally support playing (and stopping) sounds arbitrarily.

Next: Fading, and how it works with sound handles and the only other function that uses them: minetest.sound_stop.

Download: https://github.com/jastevenson303/snd or zip.


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