[Mod] sfinv Map [lib_sfinv_map][git]

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[Mod] sfinv Map [lib_sfinv_map][git]

by ShadMOrdre » Fri Jan 19, 2018 22:14

In world maps. An sfinv map tab, a map table node, a wall hanging map node, a map tool showing a world map an a standalone HUD.

You must provide this mod a Map image, in the form [./textures/world_map_name.png], that should exist in the textures folder of this mod. You may have to modify the minetestmapper image file, so as to use less space, either by pixelating the generated map, or by making the dimensions smaller. Otherwise, minetest will have a hard time digesting such a large image file, and your server logins will get slower. However, this is a very nice supplement to the F9 minimap.

Currently, travelpoints and unified inventory may be broken in this code, and are not slated for updates. I may fix unified_inventory, so that users of that inv mod can access this map. Travelpoints will be dropped, as there is no easy, if any, functional way for implementation.

This mod began as a Mapit upgrade, but quickly changed to something else. As such, there may still be included code from that mod.

DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/ShadMOrdre/lib_sfinv_map/archive/master.zip
Browse Code: https://github.com/ShadMOrdre/lib_sfinv_map

DEPENDENCIES: default, intllib, sfinv
OPTIONAL DEP: unified_inventory?, travelpoints?

LICENSES: LGPLv2.1, for code by me, CC-BY-SA-4.0 for graphics by me. Other licenses apply for code and graphics done by others. Where found, those licenses included.

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Re: [Mod] sfinv Map [lib_sfinv_map][git]

by TumeniNodes » Fri Jan 19, 2018 22:46

I will have to try to find time to test it this weekend.

Mapit, was one of my favorite mods, and losing it made me grumpy.
I honestly cannot recall if I could not use it any longer due to changing pcs or after I switched to creating larger worlds.
(though I suspect it was the latter) because the mod did not work beyond 6000x6000 I think.

I loved it, because it was very useful when trying to plan out a city, etc., and to determine where I wanted to start.
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