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[Mod] Materials Library [lib_materials][git]

by ShadMOrdre » Fri Jan 19, 2018 22:39

Introducing the Materials Library. Currently includes two new stone types, several technic ores, and a sand type from Valley mapgen.

Using materials from Darkage and Technic, ores are created for these materials and spawn throughout the generated world, adding layers to the boring stone. A must see to believe.

The ultimate goal is to categorize and enumerate the various materials types that are currently scattered across multiple mods, and combine them in one central location, with known properties and access to definitions.

Materials to be included are pretty much any node that can be considered a chemical element, earth aggregate, mineral, and even organic materials. As such, all stone, sand, dirt, tree, wood, leaf, grass, water, lava, oil, ore, and others will be categorized, orgranized, enumerated, and possibly overridden, or simply reproduced, for consistency sake.

DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/ShadMOrdre/lib_materials/archive/master.zip
Browse Code: https://github.com/ShadMOrdre/lib_materials

OPTIONAL DEP: default?

LICENSES: LGPLv2.1, for code by me, CC-BY-SA-4.0 for graphics by me. Other licenses apply for code and graphics done by others. Where found, those licenses included.

SCREENSHOT: Coming Soon....
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