[Mod] Minetest Parkour [parkour]

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[Mod] Minetest Parkour [parkour]

by harrym » Wed Feb 14, 2018 06:11


The story thus far
Long ago, way before Minetesterians existed, there were Parkourians.

Parkourians were just like Minetesterians, but one of the main differences is that they dedicate their life to creating and attemping parkours.

However, they had a problem. The Parkourians had so much of Parkourium, their only mineral they used for everything, it couldn't fit on their plant.

So, the parkourians set off to find a planet to stash away some of their parkourium. Fortunatley, after a month (which is a very quick time in space) they found Earth.

Without hesitation, the parkourians started to hide their parkourium on Earth. They decided to seal then inside stone because they thought it would be hard to extract it again from the stone unless they used their special tools.

After stashing away enough parkourium to make a good amount of space on their planet, they went back home. They haven't came back after years.

Over time, the terrain of the earth changed drastically, therefore making the ingots of parkourium to deform.

And now it's time for you and your friends to take on the tradition (but not entirely dedicate to it. Well, you can if you want. Just sayin')!

  • Timer
  • Survival aspects
  • Gamemodes (coming soon)
and more to come!

Download (Latest Release)

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Re: [Mod] Minetest Parkour [parkour]

by Andrey01 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:49

Wow! Here parkours?

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