[Mod] Ambilight [0.1] [ambilight]

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[Mod] Ambilight [0.1] [ambilight]

by scaamanho » Mon Feb 19, 2018 21:33

A colection of interactive lights for minetest

I need a light for my world and also get the need of some kind of lights that can be set (on/off) punching them, so i begin making my custom node (thanks rubenwardy for your awesome guide) and one thing takes me to another, one light becomes in several lights, and one node in an custom api with several functionalities (not all used yet) and finally get a collection of lights that can be useful for other users.

This is my first mod for any kind of game, even one month ago I never played a builder voxel game before, so any sugestions will be apreciated.

See Webpage for more info about crafting recipes

GitHub: https://github.com/scaamanho/ambilight

Download: Ambilight 0.1

Code + textures: LGPLv3.0

Mod dependencies: default


The main reason of this mod (WIP)

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Re: [Mod] Ambilight [0.1] [ambilight]

by RSLRedstonier » Mon Feb 19, 2018 23:10

Congrats on your first mod!
by the looks of it its far better than my very first mod I ever tried to construct which was just a bunch of crafting recipes
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