[Mod] Blacklist [1.0] [blacklist_name]

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[Mod] Blacklist [1.0] [blacklist_name]

by ANAND » Tue Jun 12, 2018 15:21

Blacklist [blacklist_name]

Blacklist is a mod for servers which helps in restricting player names; the players would still be able to join using a different name. This functionality is useful in preventing players with offensive and inappropriate names from joining.

ChatCmdBuilder by rubenwardy has been integrated into this mod and is used to define the /blacklist function.

Dependencies: None

License: MIT

  • Code: Select all
    /blacklist add <name>
    Add a name to the blacklist.
  • Code: Select all
    /blacklist remove <name>
    Remove a name from the blacklist.
  • Code: Select all
    /blacklist list
    List all the blacklisted names.

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  • Support for adding lua patterns to the blacklist.

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