[Mod] Universal Basic Income [ubi]

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[Mod] Universal Basic Income [ubi]

by Orby » Thu Jul 12, 2018 02:17

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a mod for Minetest It creates an income stream for players with an inflation free economy. Unlike other income mods which continually add more currency to the economy (resulting in inflation), UBI applies a small tax to all player's assets and redistributes it.

  • As an admin player, run the /balance <name> <amount> command to issue yourself currency. This effectively introduces currency into the market.
  • Every 1000 digs a player performs triggers a payout. When a payout occurs, 0.01% (one hundredth of a percent) is deducted from each player's balance. The sum is given to the player that triggered the payout.
  • Because the total currency is fixed, unless you mint more money you will never experience inflation.

Say you install the mod and mint $10,000,000.00. Then each payout will pay roughly $1000.00 or $1.00 per dig (less 0.01% of the player's current balance). If my balance is $10,000.00 and my friend triggers a payout, I will be charged $1.00 in taxes to contribute to her income (0.01% of $10,000.00).

UBI is not particularly useful by itself. I am working on a market place mod that is built on top of it. If installed, UBI will issue taxation and payout notifications using the socialtags mod. UBI now relies on the central_bank mod.

Check out a demo with a functioning economy at hed.oni.st:30001.


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