[Mod] Upgrade the player stats [upgrade_packs]

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[Mod] Upgrade the player stats [upgrade_packs]

by Krock » Sat Jul 14, 2018 08:41

Upgrade Packs

This post is more or less a converted copy of the README.md file.

This server mod provides upgradeable packs in form of items to players which give them additional health or breath. However, the better the health packs are and the more of them you use, the faster they will wear out.
Please note that the builtin HP bar maximum is always 10 hearts. With two additional "+10 HP" packs, one heart equals 4 HP (instead of previously 2).

  • Unified Inventory and sfinv support
  • Chat command fallback formspec when no inventory mod was detected
  • + 10 HP pack (damages player on craft)
  • + 5 breath pack (takes breath on craft)

Dependencies: default, vessels (minetest_game content)
Optional dependencies: unified_inventory, sfinv
Requires Minetest 5.0.0-dev and optionally #7360 to ensure that everything is displayed correctly
License: MIT
Links: GitHub Source (.git), Nasty *.zip
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