[Mod] JustTest autentification handler [1.0][jtauth]

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[Mod] JustTest autentification handler [1.0][jtauth]

by lag01 » Sun Sep 16, 2018 20:56

In addition to existing auth handler systems and mods, i created my own.
It is simple, pure Lua, with only one dependency, which also is pure Lua mod.
It user persistent key/value storage. It don't stores all data in memory and not rewrites whole file on changes,
this allows it to work well with datasets of ~100MB size.

Also, it automatically imports and renames existing auth.txt, can merge accounts from auth.txt,
and its storage should be able to be reverted back to auth.txt by just renaming file auth.jtdb.

License: LGPL 2.1
Dependencies: jtdb

Browse on: GitHub

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Re: [Mod] JustTest autentification handler [1.0][jtauth]

by sorcerykid » Sat Sep 22, 2018 23:16

Kudos! It's great to see another Lua-based authentication handler. The more options for server operators the better!

PS. Thanks for the shout out in the Readme.md ;)

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