configure the subgame only

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configure the subgame only

by unknownentity » Wed Jan 02, 2019 04:06

I tried several things:
-- put a settingtypes.txt in the game directory
with a line to change the movement speed
don't work!
-- put a minetest.conf in the game directory
with a line to change the movement speed
don't work!
I made the changes while minetest was closed and before changing I also cleared my cache (in utter despair), but it just do not work!
In this GUI advanced settings tab I can change the physics for subgames but only when they have a settingtypes.txt in the directory.
But editing the file only is just ignored by the program... wtf!? o_0
I have to change it in the colorful shiny gui... but suprise then it works globally, althought there are TWO different settings (one for minetest_game and one for my subgame [see attachment])...
But when I change the walking speed in one subgame the other one is changing too automaticially!
Sorry but the setting configuration just sucks! (...I am so angry... I tried over an hour... >|-( )

Can anyone tell me please how get the settings for my subgame to work WITHOUT changing the global settings or the settings from the other subgames?
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Re: configure the subgame only

by Krock » Wed Jan 02, 2019 13:02

A: You can't. It's only possible to specify the game default settings using the minetest.conf file in games/your_game/minetest.conf.

minetest.conf settings will always override the game defaults.
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configure the subgame only

by fillipppyatochckin » Sun Apr 07, 2019 21:53

Only thing Ive noticed with your games is that you never seem to have any walls at the edge of screen. On level 3 i just jumped up and to the left at the start.

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Re: configure the subgame only

by ShadMOrdre » Fri Apr 12, 2019 00:20

@ unknownentity,

Krock is not entirely correct here. Minetest.conf can be found in the game folder and in the main MT folder. Both are read and used by the engine. Your mod settings can reside in either location. If your mod depends on MTG, then your settings should probably go into the main minetest.conf file, but if your mod is specific to your custom game, then the mod default settings can safely reside in the custom games minetest.conf. file.

Settingtypes.txt is to allow players to configure your mod. This file is read by the main menu to provide the settable options for a player that are then saved to minetest.conf, and really nothing more.

minetest.conf is global, and yes, settings defined here will affect the mod across all worlds and games.

So then, a mod should define its default settings in code. This can easily be done with the addition of
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minetest.get_settings() [b]or [i]value[/i][/b]
at the end of the line that gets the setting from minetest.conf.

In this way, if the player has not configured the mod through the main menu, and thus, minetest.conf does not contain the mod specific settings, then the mod will use the default settings from within the code itself, and maybe a simple chat or log message to notify the user that they can and maybe should configure the mod in the main menu settings.

You should be able to also include a game specific minetest.conf file, that includes the default settings, just like MTG does. Note that MTGs settingtypes.txt file only allows the player to configure the MTG settings from the main menu, as MTG grabs its default settings from the included minetest.conf file.


Perhaps this could be further improved by allowing mods to include a minetest.conf file within the mod folder, from which mods can read default settings.
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