[Poll] How did you find out about MT?

How did you find out about Minetest?

From a friend
From a web search site (DuckDuckGo, startpage, MSN search, Yahoo! Search!, Google Search, etc.)
From a YT channel
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From another forum
While searching your distro's software repositories
From reading on a website
From someone on a Minecraft server
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While trying to find an alternative to Minecraft due to M$ acquisition
While trying to find an alternative to Minecraft because you're poor
Other (please specify below)
Total votes : 46

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Re: [Poll] How did you find out about MT?

by wziard » Fri Jan 11, 2019 19:29

Migdyn meant the name *sounds* like it is that.

And maybe it does. But I personally think it's charming. A true Coder's name. For me, when I see a project with a name like that I associate it with enthusiastic communities.

And thats 100% correct in the case of Minetest \o/

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Re: [Poll] How did you find out about MT?

by Mantar » Fri Jan 11, 2019 20:06

You guys know "test" is also used to mean a challenge, right?

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Re: [Poll] How did you find out about MT?

by migdyn » Fri Jan 11, 2019 23:11

I first found MT in 2014 however I didn't install it or try to read more about it because I simply thought it's a pile of crap and that it's a cheap and bs Mine$ Clone.

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Re: [Poll] How did you find out about MT?

by v-rob » Fri Jan 11, 2019 23:46

migdyn wrote:The problem with Minetest is its name. I don't think it should be changed, but it may be really confusing to some user as they may mistake it for a Minecraft testing tool / a crappy MC clone that's just a test and is extremely buggy and unstable.

Well, I'm probably unique here, but I knew about Minetest before I knew about Minecraft, and I never even thought about the name at all. I didn't think it was unstable/buggy, even back in 2012, but that's probably because the idea of voxel games like Minetest or Minecraft was still a new idea to me.

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Re: [Poll] How did you find out about MT?

by Chibi ghost » Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:23

Thomas-S wrote:I discovered Minetest a few years ago when I used Ubuntu. I opened the Software Center and Minetest was advertised on the first page there. At first, I thought Minetest was some development/testing tool for Minecraft ;)

thats how I found it too except I was mooching around for a game to mess around with
that wasn't too heavy on my computer at the time

I miss playing that really early version and my mt house skull mountain

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Re: [Poll] How did you find out about MT?

by Pyrollo » Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:19

TumeniNodes wrote:I was referring to the "extremely buggy and unstable" portion

Me too, this name is perfect for a buggy and unstable software :)
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Re: [Poll] How did you find out about MT?

by PolySaken » Sun Jan 13, 2019 21:40

I found one of those play store versions in 2014 and only found mt in 2015 after M$ made minecraft crappier.

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Re: [Poll] How did you find out about MT?

by SuchTea » Wed Jan 16, 2019 02:00

Pyrollo wrote:
TumeniNodes wrote:
migdyn wrote: a crappy MC clone that's just a test and is extremely buggy and unstable.

?? 0_o

I agree with migdyn, this name is sort of misleading.

Same for me; When I first came across Minetest I actually ignored it and closed the tab i had it open in because at a glance it seemed like an experimental Minecraft server where people tested bugs and mods. My only reason for turning back, actually realizing it was a standalone program and that my first impression was wrong, was because of how some of the forum posts were worded in the thread I glanced on.

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Re: [Poll] How did you find out about MT?

by mini » Wed Jan 16, 2019 14:50

Wikipedia in the alternatives section of the Minecraft Article. xD

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Re: [Poll] How did you find out about MT?

by twoelk » Wed Jan 16, 2019 22:35

The kids of my sister started playing mc around late 2011 or early 2012. Soon they asked me to play along and help with issues. So I got dragged into the worlds of voxely cubes by introducing the kids to tools and probably somewhat fishy launchers to play mc from portable devices. Then one of the test worlds I created sort of enchanted me and I lived there happily for a year or so. Until my castles started scratching the hight limit.

Somehow I also got bored of the limited variety in plants so by the end of 2012 I was searching for better plant mods and I came along the more-trees mod. When I realized that mod was for an other voxel based program that was even open source, I started to explore minetest. By early 2013 I had plunged in as deep as I could spend time to and some time in april 2013 I joined my first public gaming server ever: VanessaE's creative server. I never played mc in earnest again. Sure sometimes the kids show me their mc stuff but I'm all mt now. One of my longtime projects has been to import some of my old mc worlds into mt but it was only last year that I got somewhat acceptable results.

So in short:
While searching for plants mods for mc the more-trees mod by VE lured me into mt.

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Re: [Poll] How did you find out about MT?

by orwell » Thu Jan 17, 2019 12:52

While trying to find an alternative to Minecraft because you're poor

To be exact, I was looking for a voxel game back then to play on a private server with some friends, none of us had bought Minecra$. MT caught my attention by its Lua modding system, because I already knew Lua and Lua is great!
It was for this server I wrote my first mods for (esp. the denaid area management and derivates (tyrant), which i haven't continued since the rise of advtrains)
Lua is great!
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