[Mod] Dimensionally Shared Storage [shared_storage]

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[Mod] Dimensionally Shared Storage [shared_storage]

by Jem06 » Post

Update 1.0.1 has been released! Check the changelog below
storage boxes.png
(194.12 KiB) Not downloaded yet
storage inventory.png
(168.81 KiB) Not downloaded yet
storage crafting.png
(8.91 KiB) Not downloaded yet
NOTE: The dye can be any color and the chest can be a locked chest

A mod that creates 15 different colored storage containers. Every storage container color shares an individual storage. This allows you to have up to 15 different private storage inventories.

Mod dependencies: default

Cleaned up the file structure of the git repository.
Updated position system for 5.1.0.
Added shift-clicking!!!

Github: https://github.com/Je06jm/shared_storage
Download: https://github.com/Je06jm/shared_storag ... master.zip

The licence is LGPLv2.1+(code) and CC BY-SA 3.0 (sounds and textures)
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Re: [Mod] Dimensionally Shared Storage [shared_storage]

by duane » Post

Nice idea. : )
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Re: [Mod] Dimensionally Shared Storage [shared_storage]

by Red_King_Cyclops » Post

Just like Minecraft's ender chest, but multiplied by 15 (actually, the grid sizes of MC and MT chests are different, so not exactly).
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Re: [Mod] Dimensionally Shared Storage [shared_storage]

by Nathan.S » Post

Just tried it out, and it's pretty neat, a few things though. The git repository shouldn't have the mod inside of a folder, that adds an extra step when cloning it, all the files should just be in the root directory.

Secondly can you pretty please add the ability to shift+click items in and out of the chests.
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