[32px] Default Grid

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[32px] Default Grid

by kestral » Sun Sep 15, 2019 18:18

New post since the original was lost in the great forum post-pocalypse of 2019.

I discovered that I needed to update this texture pack when I started losing the grid in the savannas. The development version of minetest has added dry_dirt nodes.

While I was at it, I simplified the stairs to make them more consistent with the default textures, and fixed a few typos.


Default Grid Texture Pack

  • Places grid over a large selection of default nodes.
  • Note however that I have intentionally omitted trees, plants, liquids, tools, and irregular shapes like fences and ladders.
  • Grid overlays are drawn at 32px for a finer grid, which means default textures will be scaled to 32px.
  • Very small, uses override.txt and only a half-dozen grid image files.

Get it at:

Posts: 88
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Re: [32px] Default Grid

by kestral » Sat Nov 09, 2019 21:25

I've started using the LessDirt texture pack when I use default_grid, which is easy to do by placing a link (or copy) of LessDirt in the default_grid directory.

However, this got me thinking. By doing this I'm using modified texture images, while default_grid is based on doing as much as possible using the override.txt file.

I discovered that I could implement all the dirt/grass and dirt/litter textures using a single image file, without the need for *_side textures. It also gives the added ability of being able to individually set the percentage of dirt shown, just by editing the override.txt file.
(Dirt/snow could use this, but technically has a different side pattern, while permafrost with moss or stones can't—they have completely different side patterns.)

Using a single sidemask.png (16px × 36px) file and three lines in override.txt (for each of the nodes shown below):

Code: Select all
default:dirt_with_grass top default_grass.png^grid.png
default:dirt_with_grass bottom default_dirt.png^grid.png
default:dirt_with_grass sides default_grass.png^(default_dirt.png^[combine:16x16:0,Y=sidemask.png^[makealpha:255,255,255)^grid.png

Where the Y in "[combine:16x16:0,Y" can range from 0 down to -20.

I can generate all of the following and more (picture only shows even values of Y):


  • Y = 0 gives 100% grass on side
  • Y = -4 matches LessDirt
  • Y = -6 matches new minetest game green grass
  • Y = -10 matches old green grass and current dry grass
  • Y = -20 gives 100% dirt on side

I'm currently not planning on adding this to default_grid, but I thought it was interesting.
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