DarkRP for Minetest anyone?

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DarkRP for Minetest anyone?

by Inocudom » Sat Oct 05, 2019 20:51

If any of you have ever played Garry's Mod, then you probably know what DarkRP is. If you haven't, here's a wiki on it that I found:
I also found a video on YouTube about it:
At this point you are probably wondering why you would want this type of gamemode in Minetest. Do you want to have players that build bases and players that raid them? Do you want to have a government structure that enforces laws and criminals that break them? Do you want to have DJs that play music through their microphones? Do you want to have your server supported by offering perks to people that donate (yes, that's a big, big thing in Garry's Mod, so cringe right now if you want to?) Do you want players to have different roles by allowing them to have different jobs? Do you want to have a list of rules so complicated that a college course's curriculum could be filled with them? Do you want to ban people for all eternity for breaking those rules too many times (or because you want to be a badmin?) If you said yes to most of those questions, then you will enjoy having DarkRP in Minetest. Excuse the witty humor, but it fits the general attitude of most (if not all) Garry's Mod servers that have that gamemode. As an added bonus (for humor's sake,) you can tell that you did your job well when lots of players end up like these edgy lads:
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