[Game] Jumper [1.0]

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[Game] Jumper [1.0]

by Skamiz Kazzarch » Sat Oct 12, 2019 18:28

A game for the minetest engine, which is focused on jump'n run gameplay.

Place for image

Raison d'etre
Basicly I got anoyed with the low quality of parkour maps aviable. Most of thier checkpoint systems worked by telling the player to use the /sethome and /home comands. Some burned down because the builder had fire disabled and placed lava near something flamable. Often they use lava as a floor hazzard which puts you back to spawn (which in several cases was outside the map) from where you need to use the /home comand to return back (good luck if you accidentaly put your home point in a bad spot.) And overall there were only about four maps which I would call good and only one of actually high quality.

So this is the result, a minimalist game with extreme focus on parkour gameplay. The most important part is the checkpoint system. You set your checkpoint by walking over a specific node, no extra interaction needed. The counter part is a danger node. You step on it, you are sent back. No waiting in lava for health to run out and the gameplay isn't interrupted by having to type in chat.
Currently there is a small caveat, the checkpoints aren't saved across server restarts. So don't quit the world while falling into an inescapable pit.

Curent game mechanics
Besides the normal mechanics featured in most minetest games, Jumper currently offers:
-A checkpoint system.
-Two nodes which alternatingly become unwalkable.

Depending on motivation and time there is a whole list of other mechanics I might ad, but I promise nothing since Minetest seems to be a one week a month thing for me.

+ Not gamespecific mods

+ Mapmaking

License: Anything by me is either LGPL-2.1 or CC-BY-SA-4.0, see individual mods for more info.

Get it here: https://github.com/Skamiz/jumper

The attached map is a showcase of all current mechanics and of some outer limits of the default physics override. I assure you that it is very much compleatable.
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