(Raspberry Pi 4) Trouble getting MT 5.0.1 to build

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(Raspberry Pi 4) Trouble getting MT 5.0.1 to build

by GamingAssociation39 » Thu Jan 02, 2020 02:33

(Raspberry Pi 4 (Ubuntu 19.10 arm64)) I'm trying to run MT 5.0.1 on the raspberry pi 4 but to no avail can anyone help? I tried to use Calinou's code and it downloaded the GitHub files but never built the package...
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Re: (Raspberry Pi 4) Trouble getting MT 5.0.1 to build

by Miniontoby » Thu Jan 02, 2020 12:51

You could try it with snap

First install snap by "sudo apt install snapd"
And then run "sudo snap install minetest"
And run it by (for access "snap run minetest" and else run) "sudo snap run minetest"

P.S. I dont know how to get an interface and I use only "snap run minetest --server "
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