[Mod] Lights [20120719] [lights]

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[Mod] Lights [20120719] [lights]

by mauvebic » Post

forked from madblocks, updated with simpler crafts (colour "flipping"), no need for dyes, just make

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~ glass~
gives you yellow glow glass, then craft yellow glowglass (by itself) to get green, so on and so forth for each color (yellow->green->red->blue)

Includes the four glow blocks plus the spotlights and the searchlights.

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glowyellow glowyellow glowyellow
glass glass glass
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by VanessaE » Post

Topic moved. :-)
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by Bas080 » Post

It actually works. I have been using the spotlights which shines upward. Too bad you can't place anything ontop of it while the lights are on.

What do spotlights do exactly and why is it not diggable? Are they the same as spotlights but then downward?

I notice how some lights have a yellow-ish glow to them. Is that a feature or are my eyes playing tricks with me.

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Re: [Mod] Lights [20120719] [lights]

by addi » Post

Hi, under which license was this mod/ textures ? I'm asking because I wrote a fork of it: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=15088

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