Post your mod requests/ideas here

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Re: Post your mod requests/ideas here

by Meusovich » Post

Good afternoon, I'm a new person on the forum. Sorry for the poor English, large texts have to be translated by machine.
I have a few ideas that I will try to implement in MineTest - but a few days of searching the forum did not work. If someone tells me where this can be read or has already been implemented, I will be very grateful.
I'm interested in creating a mod with a skill system. Specifically, there is a lack of the part responsible for passive resources extraction skills - classic mining, woodworking and the like.
If someone knows how to implement the function of the dynamic dependence of the production time of “Material X” with “tool Y” on the variable “skill Z”, please tell me.
I will be glad of any information, even in English.

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Re: Post your mod requests/ideas here

by sirrobzeroone » Post

Not sure if one of these is what your after?



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Re: Post your mod requests/ideas here

by muhdnurhidayat » Post

DS-minetest wrote:
Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:47
There should be more things that encourage to use the pc to play minetest, minetest is a pc game, and pc players are much more likely to become modders or developers or at least community members that keep minetest alive.
Wow, this is the first time I see such an elitist comment on the forum after some years in the community.

First, not all MT players even have access to PC, for many reasons:
  1. Some of them came from searching for the alternative of MC
    1. At one point MC was only for PC (back in those days where Bedrock is not a thing).
    2. MC Bedrock as it is now is expensive (especially in poorer country, like in some places US$6 in their currency could be spent to buy 10 full meals in rich restaurant, imagine them skipping 10 to 30 days of food just to pay $6)
  2. Some of them got to Minetest from their school
    1. some school do have PC but the students might not have PC outside classroom, so they will mostly use mobile after school
    2. some school had their students use tablet for the learning session with minetest, while learning session is only on that school server, they will usually be able to bring it home for homeworks and these student might spend time looking for other servers after school
  3. Some of them came from getting interested in the concept while randomly searching through Play Store for recommended games
  4. Some of them simply don't have money to buy PC, and their phone might be passed down from parents or gift from lucky draw etc
  5. Some of them simply don't find it worth it to buy PC, especially with limited amount of money and need to decide between PC and mobile: PC can't connect to internet without router-modem (like WiFi) whereas mobile can connect by just inserting SIM card, and these people usually live in area where you cannot get WiFi installed but do have mobile coverage
  6. Some of them can only use devices that their parents bought for them, this is usually iPad in western countries and cheap China-made Android tablets in eastern countries and poor countries

You might not know this but there's 10 days statistics released every year about Minetest clients, and mobile users account for 92% of it... rubenwardy posted the actual link to the statistics in chat on the unofficial Discord server before, but I don't want to post the link here as I didn't request permission to do so, but here's relevant screenshot of the statistics:
(yes I'm on mobile at the moment as well, get over it)

I first know Minetest from Multicraft, cuz I found folder named "Minetest" in the directory of Multicraft on my phone at that time, and I open it out of curiousity. I then look up Minetest and stayed in the community afterwards. I did had access to laptop some months after that but still stick to Minetest most of time, before my laptop broke again for the 2nd time this January and I had to get back to my phone until now.

While I'm not someone who would become developer, and my wip mod and my CSM are not that known, I did contribute to Minetest even from the time I only have access to mobile phone. That's how I did Malay translations for Minetest, majority were done on mobile.
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