Minetest Unofficial Discord Mod Jam [April 3rd]

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Minetest Unofficial Discord Mod Jam [April 3rd]

by GreenXenith » Post

Hello all!
Some of you may have heard about the Minetest Discord server. Ever so often we run Minetest events for members to participate in.
We have decided to host a Modding Jam, and we would like to spread the word about it!

Minetest Unofficial Discord Mod Jam

Theme: Combat (Decided by Discord voting)

When: April 3rd

How do I participate?
This Mod Jam will be entirely in the Discord server. Invite link: https://discord.gg/6W84ytH

What about other important information? Duration? Criteria?
Important information will be revealed on the start date in the Discord server.

But, I don't use Discord!
Discord sucks and/or is proprietary!
[Some other whining about Discord]

If you aren't interested and don't have useful input, don't respond to this post. Please and thankyou.

Prizes may or may not be included.

Note: We may host a full Minetest Jam in the future which would not limited to Discord. Let's call this a test run.
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Re: Minetest Unofficial Discord Mod Jam [April 3rd]

by Lone_Wolf » Post

Don't mind me, just subscribing to this topic

This'll be fun

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Re: Minetest Unofficial Discord Mod Jam [April 3rd]

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