[MOD] Smart chat [smart_chat]

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[MOD] Smart chat [smart_chat]

by Clyde » Post


i have written a small but easy extendable chat for minetest.

Smart chat

With this mod, you have the capability:

  • A lightweight mod but easy extendable.
  • Configurable about the minetest-settings.
  • A public chat, looks like the normal chat in minetest.
  • Create new channels.
  • Join or leave channels.
  • Kick people from channels.
  • Set or free channels for permanent.
  • Shows you a list of all channels.
and many features more, take a look.

The chat uses the inbuild translation of minetest, so it's easy to translate it in other languages.

For Admins and Modders:

The chat has a modular system with a template modul.
There is a selfgrowing helpsystem integrated.
You remove a module, you remove it automatiycally from the config and help.
You add a module, you add it automatically in the help and config.
You can turn on and off modules in the configuration without to touch the mod itself.
Use the cmd_template to develop your own commands for the chat.
There are the privs channelmod and channeladmin, who can kick people, set's or free channels from permanent and more.




Release: 1.0


MT 5.x

GPL 3.0

Greetings, Clyde.

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Re: [MOD] Smart chat [smart_chat]

by Bastrabun » Post

I'm using that mod on my server, my playersand me like it so far :)

1. Could there be a command to listen to more than one channel? Of course, you can only have one channel you write to by default, but maybe you want to listen to multiple channels like "defense", "commerce", "adminchat" and "looking_for_group" at the same time.

Something like /c listen_to [channelname] or even include that in the toggle command like this

/c t [channelname, mainchat if empty]

Of course, if you permanently want to write to another channel, you need to join that channel. Unless 2 gets implemented:

2. Could there be a shorthand command to write to the main chat, when you're in a channel?

There's already a way to also read the mainchat, but it's a bit complicated to leave, write something then join the channel again.

Something like /c for [channelname, "main" for main chat] [message]

/c all doesn't fit, this command also talks to players in other channels

Short could be /c f [channelname, "." for main chat] [message]

3. Then there's the party mod we also use. It has some chat integration and conflicts with smartchat - with smartchat taking precedence. I'd rather disable the partychat than smart_chat :D We also intend to use a factions mod.

The party mod we use:


Not sure about the factions yet, but maybe we'll go for this one:


Is there a way to make channels not joinable unless one is in the faction/party/squad and ofc at the same time stick the player into the channel of his faction/party/squad?

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Re: [MOD] Smart chat [smart_chat]

by Clyde » Post

Sorry, i'm a little bit late, but i wan't last time not here.

Interesting idea, to listen to multiple channels ;-).
This feature was thought for moderators, but of course, it should be possible, to listen to more than one channel.

Take the modul cmd_toggle, there is the code for the public channel.
You can easy add your own command, based on toggle.

Hmm, locking a channel, it's not possible, but i will take a look to add this feature.
For myself, it was not neccesary to lock channels.

Greetings, Clyde.


I added a API-Documentation to the mod.
It's easier to develop own modules.

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