[MOD] New Horizons [1.2] (newhorizons)

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[MOD] New Horizons [1.2] (newhorizons)

by Hi_World » Post

  • Adds over 80 new and unique blocks,
  • Several animated blocks,
  • 4 new and exciting biomes.
This is a perfect mod for building and exploring!

(This mod was previously known as testmod, but thats a terrible name, now its NewHorizon)

Here are some images!

+ Spoiler
+ Spoiler

Whats New?

Pillars and spheres have been added
+ Spoiler


Version: 1.2
License: MIT

Dependencies: default mod (found in minetest_game)

Report bugs or request help on the forum topic.


Find the files on github at:
https://github.com/HiNice2MeetU/-Minete ... estmod.git

For further information or help downlading the mod go to:

(Ps. Please tell me if i have messed up the files in any way in the forum, also please give me critcism, any way to improve the mod is welcome :) )

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