Can't enter my server

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Can't enter my server

by Emojiminetest » Post

I installed a lot of mod in C&C Creative Server. But I can't log in to it, just stuck when the load bar show "node definition"(no percentage).

Here is the log(verbose): (360MB log file, HUGE!) ... sp=sharing

here is the mod list: ... sp=sharing

Server Hardware Info:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo

Server Software Info:
Operate system: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Minetest server version: 5.1.1 (Linux)

Client Info:
Operate system: Windows 10
Minetest client version: 5.2.0 (Windows 10)

How to fix it?

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Re: Can't enter my server

by Miniontoby » Post

I should say disable some mods (more than 10, just mods you dont really need {maybe the dreambuilder_modpack that should let the world load faster}) and try then again
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Re: Can't enter my server

by Krock » Post

The first join always takes a while to download all media.
However, in this case it already completed that step and proceeds initializing all content used on the server. Please check the free RAM and CPU usage in the client's task manager. I suspect there are mods that provide quite some data to load.
If there's enough RAM, consider disabling all mods and re-add them to check which one causes this situation. Knowing the exact mod name would help a lot if there's an engine bug involved.
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