[flower_bushes] Flower Bushes (Very WIP)

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[flower_bushes] Flower Bushes (Very WIP)

by KatzEyez » Post

I am currently writing my first mod. Bare with me please as this is a steep learning curve for me. :)

The mod will create flowering bushes that can be used to make hedges using Shara's Hedges Mod. Players will also be able to harvest flowers and craft dyes from them. There will be 15 flowering bushes (one for each color of dye) and 1 leaf bush that will represent a harvested flower bush. There are also 15 flowers.
This is the screenshot for the mod.
(220.85 KiB) Not downloaded yet

The idea is for them to grow similarly to the blueberry bushes. So they are 1 node high and randomly grow in a 3x3 grid.

This is and example of where the flower bushes will spawn.
(515.86 KiB) Not downloaded yet

I don't plan to have them spawn naturally. I intend for the seeds to be crafted. If someone else wants to modify that for their own purposes, I don't mind, however, at this point, I want the mod to be able to be added to existing servers that have been explored a lot. They also will not spread like flowers do.

I also have plans to make the mod work with several other mods, however, I haven't gotten that far. I've uploaded the mod (so far) to GitLab. Sorry I'm not 100% familiar with the site. I know some of you might start wanting to suggest fixes, please remember, this mod is NOT completed yet and I am still working on it. I'm showing it to you so you can see it. If you want to use it as it is and change it for your own use, you can. (Please test in your private worlds first, so you know what it is not doing yet!)


I'm curious how this mod will be received, so I hope you all like the idea.

This is what I want the mod to be able to do:
Flower Bush should grow similarly to blueberry bush (randomly, within a 3x3x1 grid).
Punching flower bushes will harvest flowers, unless you punch with Ethereal axe, which will dig the flower bush, keeping the flowers in tact.
Once harvested, flowers will regenerate. However, if punched a second time, it will dig the Flower Bush Leaves. If the Flower Bush Leaves are dug, they will no longer regrow flowers.
Flower Bushes and Flower Bush Leaves will not decay.
Flower Bush Saplings will be able to be dyed to change colors, however Flower Bushes and Flower Bush Leaves will not.
Use default group:bush_saplings plus dyes to craft Flower Bush Sapling in the same color as the dye used (hopefully this will give more uses for all the saplings laying around in chests).
If flowers are put through the Technic extractor, it doubles the dye output.
If Hedges mod is present, players will be able to craft Flower Bush hedges with or without flowers, depending on which recipe they use.
I still need to make all the flowers into overlays.
I haven't decided exactly what soil types I want the flowers to work with. I had thought about making the mod more complex, so that certain colors need a certain soil type, especially if Ethereal is present. However, I think that would only be useful if the mod were added at the beginning of a server's existence and not on servers that have been around for more than a few weeks (or explored a lot).
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Re: [flower_bushes] Flower Bushes (Very WIP)

by JuanjoPM » Post

Great Idea! I'm impatient for trying it! Can't wait for it :D, great job ;=)

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Re: [flower_bushes] Flower Bushes (Very WIP)

by runs » Post

Oh, I've been thinking about doing just that for a while: 2 flower hedges, for my Juanchi Game. What a coincidence.

But my approach is simpler, no seeds, crafting flowers.
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Re: [flower_bushes] Flower Bushes (Very WIP)

by Agura » Post

Can't wait to see the results :D

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Re: [flower_bushes] Flower Bushes (Very WIP)

by darcksama » Post

i will put i my server bigworld =D thanks for great work Lady

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Re: [flower_bushes] Flower Bushes (Very WIP)

by Sokomine » Post

Oh, nice mod idea. Hope the flower bushes will be available on servers soon!
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