Why "Inventory dropped", and how to avoid it?

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Why "Inventory dropped", and how to avoid it?

by asabr » Post

After days mining, building pieces for a project and training pets, suddenly my son died and no bones were dropped. Never happened before. The moment his character died, the log says "Inventory dropped", last time someone died there was a "Blones placed" there, and server was not restarted between those deaths. Any clues on why this happened, and how to avoid it?

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Re: Why "Inventory dropped", and how to avoid it?

by goats » Post

That depends entirely on whichever game and mods (if any) that you are using, and potentially some setting for a game. Not all games leave bones. The inventory may drop, and a player would need to find the drop soon enough before the items are deleted - like anything one purposely drops in the world.

To avoid this, you may have to remove a mod that causes it, change a game setting like "Drop items on death", or manually change some code.

Can't say without knowing exactly what game and mods are involved.

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