Player detaches from moving object on occasion.

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Player detaches from moving object on occasion.

by ElCeejo » Post

As the title says, I'm having an issue where players get detached from objects occasionally. I'm fairly certain it has to do with the object in question moving quicker than the chunks can load, causing the object to be unloaded and subsequently the player gets detached. The obvious solution would be to make the object move slower but that's something I'd rather avoid so if anyone has a a solution other than that I'd like to hear it.

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Re: Player detaches from moving object on occasion.

by Thelepop » Post

Are you still having such issues? I have been reading the forums for a bit and I think this is a common problem, maybe someone who is more knowledgeable with the engine should open an issue on github for it.

Playing around with this game I start to have non-fps lag and in extreme cases I get the detaching you describe.

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Re: Player detaches from moving object on occasion.

by ThorfinnS » Post

Still happens from time to time with default boats, and I suspect ElCeejo has his finger on the problem, though I'm not sure that its from loading the block, but in generating the block. Or maybe all the machines I've tested it on load existing blocks fast enough to not cause the problem.

Easiest way I could see to run my tests was to set the drag in the boats init.lua so I got a constant velocity, rather than a steadily decreasing one, or max velocity from cruise mode.

And, yeah, slowing the boat down (and making sure unlimited view range was off) seems to have stopped the dismounts.

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