installing a texture Pack on Ubuntu

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installing a texture Pack on Ubuntu

by littleblackdog11 » Post

I downloaded Minetest via the software Centre, therefore leaving no files in my home folder or desktop etc.. so i would like to download a texture pack for Ubuntu but dont have a clue how to do it???

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Re: installing a texture Pack on Ubuntu

by eyekay » Post

You can install texture packs (and mods, games etc.) via the content installer (content tab -> browse online content)

If you are on a Minetest version less that 5.0 (ubuntu 18.04 comes with 0.4.17) then it won't be available. These steps will work on all versions:
make a folder named '.minetest' in your home folder if not already present, and a 'textures' folder inside it (again, ignore if present) and then add the texture pack folder inside it
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Re: installing a texture Pack on Ubuntu

by Cartmic » Post

Minetest is installed via a 'snap' package in Ubuntu, I think you'll find your files somewhere in the ~/snap folder.
I would consider removing that version and using the PPA instead ... ntu/stable

Add the repository:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:minetestdevs/stable

Update the package sources:

sudo apt update


sudo apt install minetest

Then you'll find your minetest files in ~/.minetest

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