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by benajamin » Post

It would be really nice to have doors!

I think that an interesting and useful way to implement doors would be to allow a player to craft 1x1 door pieces that can be placed in a way that allows them to build a door of whatever size and shape they want (instead of the boring 1x2 doors and 1x1 hatches of Minecraft). The way this could work is:

*When placing a door piece, the hinge is positioned against the block it is placed against. The orientation of the hinge depends on which edge of the block the cursor is pointing closest to. So if pointing at a vertical edge, it will swing horizontally like a gate and if pointing at a horizontal edge, then it will swing vertically like a hatch/trapdoor.

*Placing a door piece against another, already placed door piece will join the two together into a single door that swings as one.

Following these rules, a player can make a Minecraft style door by placing the lower half first, against a block to one side of the doorway (being careful to point at the vertical edge of the block). The upper half of the door is made by placing a second door piece against the top edge of the first door piece.

A 1x2 door with the top and bottom half swinging separately could be made by placing the second door piece against a block next to the upper part of the doorway (instead of against the first door piece).

Large doors and drawbridges could be made by placing the first door piece against a block to form the hinge, and then placing further door pieces against the already placed door pieces until the desired size and shape is attained.

What do you think?

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by elyonatherto » Post

sounds great and would be very helpfull!!!

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by mstoykov » Post

sounds nice and really more useful then the minecraft ones
small extension : maybe 2 1x1 doors in the crafting window can make 1x2 door just for convenience

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