[Mod] Digiterms [digiterm]

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[Mod] Digiterms [digiterm]

by hdastwb » Sun Aug 04, 2013 23:49

This mod adds two nodes designed to greatly simplify interface with digilines networks: a regular digiterm (pictured left) and the secure version (pictured right):

Both types of digiterms use the same interface, with two text fields (a big one for output and a small one for input) and two buttons (one to update the output area and save the input area, and one to submit the input):

The basic version is akin to bas080's digiboard (https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?pid=101550#p101550) with an accompanying LCD, but in a single node taking advantage of formspec to do text rendering and provide facilities like linebreaking that the LCD is incapable of. After its channel is set, it will forward things written in the input box to the digiline network on the configured channel in the form of plain strings and receive messages sent to its channel to be appended to its output box. It also has an interface for control codes; the only one supported so far is 'cls', which will clear the screen.

The secure version operates in a very different way from the basic version. Secure digiterms maintain sessions for each player that uses a particular node rather than keeping one session for the node itself, thus players will not see what is on other player's screens and multiple players can maintain separate sessions on a single secure digiterm at the same time. Secure digiterms send data as a function that returns a table containing the player's name, the message submitted, and a unique auto-incremented sequence number. Forgery with these terminals is impossible due to the limits of luacontroller programming (not being able to declare functions) and re-used messages can be screened out using the sequence number.

See the README for additional information, along with some sample luacontroller code.

Current crafting recipes:

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glass    glass         glass
digiline luacontroller digiline
stone    steel         stone

secure digiterm:
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steel digiterm steel

(sort of like an inside-out locked chest)



Download (provided by Github, be sure the name of the unzipped folder is 'digiterm'):

This mod is released under the same licensing as digilines (LGPL/WTFPL).

Note that the terminals provided by this mod are nothing like bas080's terminals (https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?id=6611), being designed to interface with digilines networks rather than the underlying host system. Though they could be used together to great effect, they have entirely different functions.

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