[mod] Voidfill [1.1] [voidfill]

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[mod] Voidfill [1.1] [voidfill]

by RacsoRhodes » Tue Aug 26, 2014 03:31


This may be one of those mods that are only useful to its author. I figured I'd share it anyway just in case.

A new, shorter YouTube video demonstrating this mod: Voidfill Demonstration.


    1.1 2014-08-31
      + Added recipe for "voidfill:revoider".
      + Added node "voidfill:revoider".
      + Added ABM for "voidfill:revoider".
      + Added texture for "voidfill:revoider".
      * Changed texture for "voidfill:seed/active_crystal/inert_crystal".
    1.0 2014-08-25
      ! Initial release.


    This mod is intended for Singleplayer usage.

    It allows the player to make Crystal Seeds that can be placed in a cave that you wish to fill in.

    The placed Crystal Seed will "expand", filling open space around it with Active Crystals which will expand further.

    These crystals will expand out until they consume all open space, until they reach a light source, until they expand too far from the player or until they reach sea level. When expansion stops for any of these reasons the crystals become inert.

    If you later tunnel through a filled in cavern, you will recognize it by the Inert Crystals, which when dug will drop default:obsidian_shard.

    If you need to remove Inert Crystals, you can make a Revoider that can be placed on an Inert Crystal where it will expand out decaying all connected Inert Crystals to air.

Intended Purpose

    After clearing a cavern of minerals, it may be useful to fill in the cave so you know it has been mined and it will no longer be visible when exploring in "no-clipping" mode.

    Most might do this with WorldEdit, but this mod fills only the confines of the given cavern and will not overwrite undug nodes. It may also add a fun or role play element.

Safety Measures

    Crystals expand in darkness, below sea level.

    Crystals become inert when they can expand no further, coming into contact with anything other than air.

    Crystals become inert within 3 to 5 nodes of a light source, such as a torch or lava.

    Like any other active node, such as a furnace, if the player is too far from the Active Crystals they will become inert. Under default conf settings the Crystals go inert around 40 nodes away from the player.

    You can either fill a cave in segments, or use no-clipping mode to follow the expanding crystals.

    To reverse the process create and place a Revoider that will decay connected Inert Crystals.

Example Animation

+ Display

Crystal Seed Recipe

    OB default:obsidian 4
    MC default:mese_crystal 2
    DI default:diamond 2
    ST default:stone 1

    OB MC OB
    DI ST DI
    OB MC OB

    Crystal Seeds can be converted to 4 x default:diamond.

Revoider Recipe

    CS voidfill:seed 1
    OS default:obsidian_shard 4
    -- nothing

    -- OS --
    OS CS OS
    -- OS --


    This mod was written with Minetest 0.4.10, but may work with builds as far back as 0.4.8 at least, as with future builds.

    Rename the extracted directory to "voidfill" and move it to the "mods" directory of your Minetest installation.


Mod dependencies:





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Re: [mod] Voidfill [1.0] [voidfill]

by HeroOfTheWinds » Tue Aug 26, 2014 04:02

Interesting concept. While I don't have much use for it myself, I still like the idea quite a bit. Definitely simple, but the addition of the light source check is nice and adds some decent complexity.
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Re: [mod] Voidfill [1.0] [voidfill]

by RacsoRhodes » Tue Aug 26, 2014 17:44

I have made a video of this mod in use for those curious, Voidfill Demonstration.

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Re: [mod] Voidfill [1.1] [voidfill]

by RacsoRhodes » Mon Sep 01, 2014 02:35

Version 1.1

Added node "voidfill:revoider" which when placed on a "voidfill:inert_crystal" will remove all connected Inert Crystals in the same manner the "voidfill:seed" generated them.

Also recolored the crystal texture.

Also made a shorter YouTube video, this time demonstrating both the Crystal Seed and the Revoider.

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